Here Comes Summer!

As the days get longer and we slip into summer we can’t help thinking that we are very fortunate. We have an abundance of good food at The Market, talented artisans, all surrounded by a great community. Tough economic times affect everyone and we appreciate that you support and shop local.

The Market at Western Fair District is evolving all the time. For our regular shoppers, we love your input and appreciate your dedication to our beautiful market. We are proud of our contribution and will continue to bring you the best every week. To newcomers to our Market, please explore the shops and ask questions – our shop owners love letting everyone know what they do and are happy to answer your questions.

We have some great things happening at The Market, so please check out the events page or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

We celebrate all things local and invite community groups to share and engage with you. Every weekend there is something new to discover.

If you would like to learn more about The Market have a look at this recent CBC article and video it highlights the community spirit through the eyes of a few shop owners.

Artisans, makers, crafters & more…

We love it when new visitors discover the Artisans Loft. They are amazed at the talented artists, collectors, crafters, designers, and curators in their beautiful shops.

Whether you need a hostess gift, a little décor for your home or just want to enjoy a coffee, a pastry, or crepe take the time to explore the Artisans Loft on the 2nd floor of The Market. The artisans love to answer your questions too!

Visit the Artisans Loft on the 2nd floor and meet a few of the artisans, designers and makers.

Julia Hansford is a talented artist with a unique “eye” on the world. Her studio is a favourite for all ages.
Antony – amazing candlemaker. Custom scents and colours make Red Door Candle Studio great.
Joel – represents over 50 local artists in Spruce Moose and Cardie.
Paddy is an award winner handbag designer and the owner of Plumage Studio – amazing hats, and scarves. Her designs are timeless.
Dan makes metal do what he wants! Meddle with Metal. Whether it is a custom bench or a fabulous fire pit rim you will get a lifetime artisan product.
Sandra is a local women’s apparel designer – check out Loko Sport. Her casual wear looks fantastic on every woman.
Vincent is a sweet guy with a big heart for young musicians. You should hear him sing! Little Tunes Room has what young musicians need to get started.
Alexandra, a talented seamstress, and designer can customize your plush toys, fit your wedding dress and so much more. Check our Little Miss Queen.
Elaine and her husband Pawan keep Kemp’s full with jewellery, belts, and more. Plus you can get a new battery for your watch while you shop.
John loves rocks, crystals and nature. You can’t help but look at the huge variety of cool things in his shop – Hunters Rocks and Nature.
Taylor is a talented artist and sculptor. Always out in nature looking for the coolest thing to incorporate into her work. See her work in Found in Nature.
Denise is da Bomb… bath bliss that is. She will put a smile on your face and help you pamper yourself. Da Bomb Bath Bliss is her shop. She offers workshops if you would like to make them yourself.
Michaelanne knows quilters. What makes their hearts beat faster and how to make them happy. Owner of Stache Fabrics, she has won awards, presented at events and shared her knowledge and passion for quilt making with learners to experts.
Catherine loves dogs. Her shop Canines and Cashmere offers custom tags, treats and many things to pamper your pet.
Lynn is an artist and loves working with local artists. Her shop Break N’ Records has gifts, collectibles, and a wide variety of fine art. When you stop and chat with her she is a wealth of knowledge and her passion is evident.
Lisa has designed and created an outdoor lifestyle brand of clothing and accessories. Her shop Four Elks has great gift ideas and cowboy boots too.
Suzy knows knives… and sharpening. RW Sharpening can help you keep your culinary equipment in top shape and for the guys; beard and grooming products abound.
Rita creates crepes for all tastes at The Little Crepe Shop. Handmade from scratch there are so many options to choose from.
Chris has a passion for books. Just walk by his shop Bread and Roses and you can see for yourself there are hundreds to choose from and he is always bringing in something new for young readers.
George has the largest collection of aviation and automotive related collectibles, nostalgia, hats, models and more. Back in the Day Vintage – super cool stuff!
Jeff and Heather create and produce plant based cheese, sauces, vegan deli meats, and so much more. Plus you can get the best from scratch lemonade in southern Ontario at Great Veggie Bites.
You can’t miss the joyful smile of Sue from Liberty & Love. Fun jewellery, buttons, and more.

Tony is a talented sculptor and artist. His shop is magical in an earthy and connected way. His stories are enchanting just like him.

Tiffany is passionate about artisans, collectibles and vintage. Her curated shop reflects her imagination and ability to provide artisans an opportunity to retail their unique items in Duck & Dodo.